The Benefits of Using Shampoo Without Sulfate

The Benefits of Using Shampoo Without Sulfate

17.08.2018 Off By Elizabeth Harris

If you’ve been noticing that more and more shampoo bottles seem to be coming alongside labels that say “sulfate free” and wondering what they’re all about, then you should know that you’re far from alone. Beauty aisle shelves at grocery stores and drugstores alike are filling up with plenty of options as far as shampoo without sulfate and people want to know what these products can do for them. The answer is they can actually do a lot and for a wide variety of different people.

A Closer Look at Sulfates

Use shampoos without sulfate

Naturally, it would be difficult to understand why you should make the switch to a shampoo without sulfate without first understanding what sulfates are and why they’re not good for your hair and scalp. To begin with, sulfates are completely unnecessary ingredients in shampoo. They exist solely to make sure the product produces a lot of foam and lather when it’s used, but that’s it. They have no bearing whatsoever on how well the product works or anything else. In fact, sulfate-free options generally contain better quality ingredients to make up for the lack of sulfates and the foam they produce.

Upon making the switch to a shampoo without sulfates, people generally have nothing but positive things to say about the changes that decision led to in the quality of their hair. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common.

Make Your Hair More Manageable

Sulfates are harsh compounds that aren’t added to shampoos with the health of your hair in mind, so it’s not surprising when you find out they’re actually responsible for drying your hair out and leading to a number of different problems. People who switch to a shampoo without sulfates report their hair becoming much more manageable than it ever had been before. They also say that issues like split ends, a lack of shine, and a lack of strength are no longer the problems for them that they once were.

Cures Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Just as sulfate-laden shampoos and hair products can lead to dry, unmanageable hair, they can also lead to a dry scalp. A dry, irritated scalp can easily lead to issues with dandruff – those unsightly little flecks of dry skin that can make an appearance in your hair and on your clothes. If you’re a long-time sufferer of dandruff or any other issues related to dry scalp, it might be worth giving a shampoo without sulfate a try to see if it makes a difference.

Alleviate Discomfort From Skin Problems

Many people who suffer from chronic skin problems like psoriasis and eczema were surprised to find that the culprit was actually their shampoo when it comes to a lot of their outbreaks. Going sulfate free has been responsible for alleviating a lot of the discomfort that comes along with skin disease flare-ups. In some cases, it’s even been responsible for curing the conditions altogether. Give it a try for yourself today and see what a difference sulfate free can make for you!