Advantages of Using Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Advantages of Using Sulfate-Free Shampoo

26.10.2018 Off By Elizabeth Harris

If you are reading this you have definitely realized how sulfate can actually create negative effects on your hair and scalp. So it’s about time that you know why experts recommend using best shampoo and conditioner for silver hair and their benefits. Although, shampoos that are free from sulfate may not be as promising as the chemical ones, but looking at the brighter side of the game, you should know that one among the benefits of using sulfate free shampoo is that it can keep your hair and scalp completely hydrated and is totally organic in nature.

The advantages of using sulfate free shampoo is that you are actually using something very close to a baby shampoo that is mild on your skin, but at the same time can keep your scalp completely free from dirt. Once you start using a sulfate free shampoo, you will start noticing the difference between the chemical ones and this organic choice.

Advantages of sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate is nothing but detergent and can actually cut down the quality of your hair and its follicles. This is exactly the reason why your hair fall victim to breakage and falling after using those expensive shampoos bought from store. Moreover, if your shampoo has sulfate, your follicles would have a tough time to replace new healthy strands of hair to fallen ones.

Predictably, your hair volume is significantly reduced and this is exactly where you find the advantages of using sulfate free shampoo.

If you have colored hair, you will fall in love with a sulfate free shampoo since it is gentle and do not wash away the color from your hair soon. Sulfate can actually cause early signs of grey hair.

When a particular hair is not moisturized enough with natural oils, it tends to curve and stand as individual strands. This is the reason why your hair starts becoming frizzy. Sulfate is responsible for taking away your hair’s natural oils and this is where you find the advantages of using sulfate free shampoo because it retains the moisture in your hair and keeps it healthy and glowing.

Several studies have also observed that your liver can absorb sulfate and it has a tendency of imitating your body’s estrogens. In addition, sulfate contains 1.4dioxane, which is considered as a carcinogen. Since the study does not have concrete evidence, it is not known much in the public.

However, the advantages of using sulfate free shampoo are that you are choosing something that is absolutely safe for your scalp as well as your hair and there is no risk involved. By using sulfate free shampoos you are actually giving your scalp and hair a chance to regain its natural strength without showing early signs of aging.

The only downside of a sulfate free shampoo is that it is costlier than your normal everyday shampoo. Nevertheless, the price that you pay for a sulfate free shampoo is always an investment since it comes with unique ingredients that make your hair healthy and your scalp naturally clean.